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A Letter to Entrepreneurs

Eman Alabdulghani

Phd.Digital Transformation

A Letter to Entrepreneurs

This season brings a lot of uncertainty,

You feel it, I feel it... Things are shifting, and rapidly.

With what is happening in the world, it’s natural to feel unease and question what steps you can be taking today to help you survive this season.

Let me tell you, I have never been forced to stare my privilege in the face so fully until all of this started unfolding. I am so grateful to have a digital business, a remote team, a nest egg to lean on... I have so much, I’ve worked so hard, and so now is our season to purposely get resources into your hands to help.


While I know this season can be so hard and scary and there are many unknowns, I want to try to equip you with ideas and tools that can help you take action and know that you’re working on protecting what you’ve built.

We all know entrepreneurship brings about many highs and lows, but when an unexpected hit comes (the first for most of us who weren’t in business during the last crash!), it can leave us wondering what we should be doing, how we can survive, and if there are ways to perhaps even thrive during this time.


My brain hasn’t stopped swimming as I think of every type of business and the frustration and fear that many are feeling, and so I wanted to get my thoughts out here in a space that will hopefully encourage you and give you steps to take to know that you can move forward while it’s tempting to be idle.


I’ve walked through many waiting seasons in my personal and business life, and I can tell you that “time” is the resource that can help you pivot, grow, and expand. So while I hate the circumstance, my prayer is that with this additional time you have, you will have the space to breathe and dream again.

Rooting for you

Eman Alabdulghani

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