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Create A Better Freebie

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What makes a freebie irresistible?
  • It's easily consumable - provides a quick win
  • It's highly specific - has only one point
  • It's transformational - leads your audience through a change
  • It's relevant - and relates to the other content you produce on your blog

What are some general freebie ideas?

  • eBooks: This is a great option because you can give it as a freebie to new subscribers but also sell it to non-subscribers on Amazon.
  • Digital Workbook/Tutorial: A step-by-step walkthrough for anything.
  • eCourse or Workshop: “How to _____” in a visual, audio or written form.
  • Checklist, To-Do List, Cheatsheet, Templates: For specific tasks or challenges.
  • Coupons: Especially effective for small businesses who specialize in local sales.
  • Video series/webinars: Whether live or pre-recorded, these can be instructional, motivational, or conversational.
  • Email course: These are great for getting people used to receiving your emails as you teach them something. This is especially great if there is a lot of content to digest, it's best given over the course of a few days or a week.
  • Consultation: To give advice, critiques, opportunities for growth.
  • Quiz: People love quizzes and learning more about themselves. This is also highly shareable so make sure to give them the option to share their results!
  • Audio file/transcript: More and more people are wanting to learn on the go, so make it easy for them to digest your content while they are working out or on the go.
  • Basically anything downloadable or printable: As long as it's off your main blog.

Now it's time to start creating!!! Let's gooooo!!!


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