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WHY do you want to start a blog?

By : Eman Alabdulghani

· Business

I am so excited you are here and are ready to take the next step to create your thriving online business. Even if right now you are :

- overwhelmed with everything you need to do

- questioning where you should start

- confused with the idea , social media and list building

- don't feel like the expert

I have got you lets get into it!

before you go a head you need to understand your big why?

First thing you need to understand why you want to start a blog or run an


It's essential to know your why ?

Top 10 Reasons People Start A Blog...

  1. Express thoughts or opinions
  2. Market or promote something
  3. Help people
  4. Establish yourself as an expert
  5. Connect with people like you
  6. Make a difference
  7. Stay active or knowledgeable in a field/topic
  8. Stay connected to friends/family
  9. Make money
  10. Have fun and be creative

Stay in touch and share with me your result and big why

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Eman Alabdulghani

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