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    Eman Alabdulghani

    An Independent PhD Researcher & Entrepreneur

    Between Academia & Entrepreneurship journey

    Working on new digital forms of activism

    Scholar, digital expert

    Interested in New digital technologies and ICTs power, digital advocacy

    Digital campaigns & Digital solutions


    Eman has founded in early 2017

    the first digital platform and magazine in Kuwait that supports

    the entrepreneurial ecosystem. See the link.


    Eman has also founded the first digital women incubator

    to support women's advocacy in all sectors since 2018.

    See the link


  • Eman is super passionate about the global digital revolution, ICTS and digital advocacy, spreading the awareness of understanding the online cultures. 

    Her expertise falls around digital media technologies digital platforms

     and digital advocacy campaigns.

    She is working closely with many based organizations to promote women's empowerment in the digital era. She helps advocates, professionals, and academic to create a successful, digital presence


    "I help women in their

    professional career everywhere to make an impact,

    reach their goals, and create a powerful online presence

    That said, I also know what it is like to be a true beginner

    when it comes to establishing a web page or an online platform.

    I know how frustrating it can feel to be overwhelmed

    by all the advice and software out there

    on where to start". Eman Alabdulghani


    "In my own business, I have seen firsthand the power of

    breaking things down into actionable first steps,

    and I have no doubt that my training & tips will

    make a huge difference for you too". Eman Alabdulghani


    "Between digital content creation, site design, social presence

    and technical setup it is easy to feel frustrated and unsure of where to focus, knowing

    what to priories is the key to making it work". Eman


    Eman Alabdulghani

    PhD University of Portsmouth

    Member of FRIC Committee

    Member of Early Career Research Committee

    Founder of Startups digital platform,

    Editor in chief Of StartUps magazine.


    Founder of Jasmeen Incubator.


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    Check my profile at the University of Portsmouth

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