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    An seen at the creative space pages of the university of Portsmouth

    As seen at the creative space pages of the University of Portsmouth and the faculty of creative and cultural industries.

    Eman Alabdulghani has been featured as one of the leading researchers who combines theory with practice.

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    Founder of Jasmeen Media Agency

    " I encourage women to talk from around the world to share their experiences, knowledge and practices in their fields. We need to hear narratives and more stories about women and their challenges". Eman Alabdulghani

    Founder of Jasmeen Incubator

    Jasmeen Talk


    Global Mentor - UK

    Member of Global thinkers mentors

    " I believe in women empowerment, women from around the world should have the access to the internet and develop their digital skills.

    It's our duty to help women learn basic digital skills. Digital communication and tools are a powerful weapon ".

    Eman Alabdulghani

    Founder of Jasmeen Incubator



    Jasmeen Talks "Women in tech"

    ICTs and Gender Mainstreaming special track: Inspiring women leaders in the ICT landscape

    PhD researcher at the creative and cultural Industries faculty